Where's my username/password?

Sometimes the welcome email goes into your spam folder. Also, PayPal has taken an hour to process the payment in the past. The username is the email you used with PayPal.

If you don't have access to your email, or didn't receive a welcome message then send a message via the contact page with a working email address.

How do I stop the subscription?

You can do this via PayPal, click on a transaction and there's a link to the subscription where you can stop it. Click here for Instructions

What if I changed my email in PayPal?

Then after the next bill, the credits will go into the new email. And you can start using the new email. Click on “reset password” with your email to set up a password.

Can you search on resources / troops or other things that you can only find out via spying?

Sorry, no can do. Unless you know of a way to get it without spying.

Can't view the map!

Go to cookies and clear cookies and data.

Or try another browser.

Alliance/player with funny letters in their name

The name in the game may sometimes look different to the name on the map here so typing it in may not help.

Type in a part of their name and suggestions will appear. If they don't have enough normal letters, go to their area and search “distance:20” then click on the “results” button to see what the name is. Or search on their alliance, etc. Another way is to see if they're in the ranking pages.

Another way is to use regular expression. user:~abc will find everyone with the letters “abc” in their name.

You can use regular expression in the search. alliance:~(Alliance1|Alliance2)

How can I search on things with two words?

alliance:“xxx yyy”

Google and Bing use a similar syntax. Reference: Google, Bing

What decides how often do the maps update?

The maps update a maximum of once per day.

  • The old ones that haven't been updated for a while will go first.
  • Next are the ones that have been used the most recently.
  • Maps that haven't been searched on by anyone won't get updated.
  • Maps that have no one running a mapper script for them will not get updated.

Can the maps be updated more than once a day?

Sorry, the maximum is once per day.

They have put restrictions on a lot of the games when people have over used it. In the past they have banned people (Godfather), pausing the game for people (KOC facebook), and given out 1 hour or more bans (DOA), etc.

I'm having problems accessing the site from behind a firewall.

Try adding “:1234” to the URL, like… https://kocbattle.weezeewig.com:1234/

This may bypass any transparent proxies.

How can I see changes over time?

  • The graphical way…
    • Go to the 'history' page for your world.
    • Using the middle mouse button to open up a new tab for the latest time.
    • Do a search.
    • Then go back and open up more new tabs for other times and do the same search, it should remember your search.
    • Press ctrl-pgdn, ctrl-pgup to see the changes.
  • The table way…
    • Do a search on two maps that you want to see the difference between like above.
    • Then click “results”, and untick the checkboxes at the top. Remove might, kills, first column(closest rank) because they're always changing.
    • Copy and paste the results into a diff page like http://www.diffchecker.com/ and compare them.

How can I play on multiple accounts on the same device?

The logged in ID information is stored in the files below. To go back to the guest account, move the below file elsewhere. (You may need a jail broken device)

To get back to the logged in game copy the file back. You can do this for other logins too.

  • The files on Apple IOS 7 or lower…
    • Hobbit: /var/mobile/Applications/…/Library/Preferences/com.kabam.fortress.plist
    • KOC: /var/mobile/Applications/…/Library/Preferences/com.kabam.kocmobile.plist
    • Arcane empires: /var/mobile/Applications/…/Library/Preferences/com.kabam.arcaneempires.plist
  • The files on Apple IOS 8 or higher…
    • Hobbit: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Applications/…/Library/Preferences/com.kabam.fortress.plist
    • KOC: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Applications/…/Library/Preferences/com.kabam.kocmobile.plist
    • Arcane empires: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Applications/…/Library/Preferences/com.kabam.arcaneempires.plist
  • On Android…
    • KOC: /data/data/com.kabam.kocmobile/shared_prefs/com.kabam.kocmobile.xml
    • Hobbit: /data/data/com.kabam.fortress/shared_prefs/com.kabam.fortress.xml
    • Arcane Empires: /data/data/com.kabam.arcaneempires/shared_prefs/com.kabam.arcaneempires.xml

Foreign characters in the download are incorrect.

Here is the instructions to open the download manually in excel. Do everything here except pick UTF-8 in “file origin” http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/excel-help/text-import-wizard-HP010102244.aspx